Brilliant skies pierced by towering peaks, studded by day with the magnificent spectacle of soaring condors, and by night, crowded with a spectrum of unfamiliar constellations; challenging climbs and tantalizing treks, teasing glimpses of “just around the corner;” fresh, gourmet-caliber meals, miles from the nearest Michelin-starred restaurant; the deep, satisfying sleep that follows an energetic day’s adventures, to dream of those to come. These experiences epitomize our passion for Patagonia, and we want to share them with you!

Born on the lofty heights of Mt. Aconcagua, Patagonia Passion specializes in small-group, multi-sport expeditions to South America's southernmost region  Patagonia. Our dynamic community of owner-guides  shares a commitment to the wild future of Patagonia: we aim to not only provide adventure but raise awareness of ecological issues and potential solutions that face the region, which crosses the borders of Chile and Argentina.

From bases in Patagonia and the United States, we are committed to providing world-class expeditions in one of the planet's most amazing place to trek, climb, kayak, raft and ski. At our core, we are conservationists who plan to generate healthy economic opportunities for the local communities while  inspiring care for the natural world, ecosystem restoration, and community outreach.


I carved an “A” on the post marking the summit of Hielo Azul. I am sad the camera died on the way up, the views from the top looking into the mountains of Chile, and from the hike down looking over the valley and the city of El Bolson were amazing. We hiked across huge plains of martian landscapes to reach the top. Lots of small, broken-up red, pink, grey and purple rocks followed by massive ridges of darker browns and light tans. What a hike.
— Client's journal entry