Darwin's andes crossing: chile to argentina

guests: 4 - 12



In 1835 Charles Darwin, best known for his contributions to evolutionary theory, during his trip around the world made one outstanding Andes crossing to study the wildlife and the geology of the South America’s most dramatic mountain range. Thanks to Darwin’s journal, we can discover what inspired the most famous naturalist of all time.

We’ll cross the Andes from Chile to Argentina, through a little-known mountain pass at 4,400m, used by gauchos and travelers for more than 350 years. There are only three ways to accomplish this: by hiking, on horseback or riding a bike, while mules transport our gear. In the valleys we cross, there still exists the same ancestral culture of horsemen and mountain people described by Darwin. The traditional reales (campsites) offer the opportunity to sleep by the fireside and share the skills of the arrieros (muleteers).

Once back in “civilization”, we’ll enjoy a comfortablevineyard lodge for two nights, from which we’ll visit other wineries, dine at world-class restaurants and enjoy the sweet life of Mendoza.

After this, we will travel along the Darwin trail as we return  to Chile, this time by van. We’ll follow the old route over the Pre-Cordillera, which takes us to ancient mines, a petrified forest discovered by Darwin himself ; petroglyphs etched by the native people 400 years ago; one of the southernmost parts of the Inca trail, the Aconcagua; Santiago; and more!

Our journey ends in Valparaiso, which has been Chile’s most important port since its foundation. In 2003, Valparaiso was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, thanks to its rich history and stunning architecture. 



• Guides (Certified as Wilderness First Responders, Leave No Trace Ambassadors)
• Group Gear (tents, stoves, & cooking equipment, solar panels, satellite phones)
• Mules for carrying the gear
• 1 night at a 5 stars Hotel in Santiago
• 1 night at lodge El Ingenio
• 2 nights at the Army´s refuge in the mountain (bunks, shared bathroom).
• 2 nights at lodge in Mendoza
• 1 night at Uspallata
• 1 night at Portillos
• 1 night at Valparaiso 5 star hotel
• All transportation except drop-off at the airport at the end of the trip
• All meals on tour. 

Not included:

• Personal camping and trekking gear (clothing, trekking poles, sleeping bag, sleeping pad)
• Alcoholic beverages
• Cost of an early departure from the trip for any reason
• Air Fare
• Any cost before or after the specified trip dates
• Drop-off at the airport at the end of the trip


Cost (USD): 

$6800 Hike
$7000 Bike (most bring or rent a bike)
$8000 Horseback