Beau Carrillo

Co-founder, Mountain Guide

Beau is from the Pacific Northwest. As the son of ski patroller, he doesn’t remember family vacation to Hawaii, but rather numerous ski trips to the Canadian Rockies in a 1985 Chevy Suburban. The first thing you may realize about Beau is that he enjoys nothing more than being in the mountains. He loves sharing the experience of climbing, and believes it can take just about anyone to new heights. His experience ranges from establishing first ascents from Washington to Montana, as well as climbing in farther off regions like Patagonia, The Andes, Yosemite, British Columbia, and the Alaska Range. He has guided groups on Aconcagua and Denali, and on many classic peaks in his back yard -  The Cascades. He spends his summers in Bellingham, Washington and migrates south during the winter months to get back to his passion: wild Patagonia. Beau speaks fluent Spanish and thinks of Argentina as his second home. He looks forward to leading happy groups on the trip of a lifetime. 




james blackwood

Co-founder, Field guide, operations management 

Atop Mt. Aconcagua in 2014, Patagonia Passion was born, as I realized it was the perfect way to share my lifelong love of nature and the outdoors; my pursuit of extreme sports; and my longing to understand and preserve indigenous cultures.

Growing up in a family of ardent conservationists, I was inspired by my grandfather and older brother who loved animals and adventure to explore whitewater rafting and kayaking, as well as surfing, scuba diving, hiking and rock-climbing. That was fostered by my brother-in-law, a world-class climber and active member of the climbing community. My mother fed my interest in wildlife, especially birds and reptiles, by providing whatever books suited my interests and also allowing me to have whatever pets suited my interest. These life experiences all contributed to my decision to choose geography as my college major, and geology as my minor.

On my own, with family, or friends, I’ve traveled to Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, as well as Italy, France, England, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland, running with the bulls in Spain and alpine trekking in Austria. In the national parks and natural areas of the American West, especially in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah I found great multi-sport opportunities, too. Everywhere, I was awed by the landscapes and enchanted by the people I met.

My introduction to some Native American ways some years ago, particularly Lakota traditions, powerfully influenced my outlook on life. Through participating in sweat lodges and learning some of their customs and traditions, I was awakened to a new sense of importance. It vigorously fed my desire to learn more about indigenous people in the Americas and help to preserve their ways of life.

The final strand in this intricate web is the incredibly powerful connection I’ve experienced between so many extreme sports with the range of martial arts I’ve pursued, from Shaolin Kung Fu to Tai Chi and yoga. Similar movements and an emphasis on the flow of energy – chi   through the body add to my fascination, and I want to ignite that feeling among the participants on our trips.

We have the best team in Patagonia and we’re all eager to share our passion for Patagonia with travelers who will enjoy the challenge of a multi-sport holiday in one of the planet’s most spectacular locales.



eliel jatib

logistics, trip designer

Eliel is a nice person and an experienced expedition organizer. More interesting tidbits about Eliel's history in adventure tourism, early life growing up in Patagonia, and other exciting mysteries are coming to the website soon! 



Agustín Karriere

mountain Guide - PAtagonia/Aconcagua

I was born in El Bolsón, a small town in Northwest Patagonia surrounded by mountains teeming with rivers and lakes. I grew up trekking, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking and skiing. My first steps on the mountain were with my father and brother who are both mountain guides in Patagonia. 

In 2009, I began to study at the Mendoza province school for high mountain guides and trekking, which provided me with my first contact with high altitude mountains. In 2010, I began to work on Mt. Aconcagua and I have lead more than 10 expeditions to the top of South America's highest mountain. I have climbed in Patagonia, The Central Andes and Alaska, and completed big alpine ascents in Bolivia and Peru. I am deeply passionate about climbing and more so about preserving Patagonia and keeping what is a world wonder pristine for future generations. Patagonia Passion embodies the spirit of conservation and as a native Patagonian I am very excited to be part of this talented team.