Justin DickinsoN

Atlanta, Georgia

I ventured to South America for the first time with Patagonia Passion’s team of young professionals. I am a 24 year old outdoor enthusiast and this trip was UNBELIEVABLE! They have created a stress free environment for their clients traveling abroad and cover all the bases. The food was authentic Argentinian fire-style cooking with surprises every day. I caught a rainbow trout out of our kayak in one of the lakes that was cooked by the seasoned chef, Juan. The guides have extensive knowledge of the area as well as the sports you have planned.

The first three days we kayaked through interconnected lakes surrounded by the Andes; camping along the way. Just when you get tired paddling, we would see the truck ahead of us with fresh food displayed next to it and Juan waving. We continued on, crossing the border over to Chili to white water raft the Futaleufu river (arguably the best Class 5 rapids in the world). Here, we stayed in a small house warmed by a wood stove. The rafting itself was crazy and the guide had a record on the Futaleufu of never flipping a client. Compare this to the competing companies that flipped weekly. After 2 days of white water rafting, we put the mountains in our rearview mirror and headed to the desert to climb at Piedra Parada. The drive is beautiful. The climbing is better.

Patagonia Passion has a vision for the future of the Patagonia region and wants to share it. They have experienced local guides that know where to find Patagonia's hidden secrets. We went from mountains, to lakes, to rivers, to desert, and then ended in a 5 star hotel in the awesome city of Bariloche. This trip was a moderate-to-high skill level trip, but if you have a love for the outdoors with little-to-no experience, these guys will cater to your needs. If you get the chance, get outside with Patagonia Passion.


Avery robinson


I believe travel is essential to understanding the world we live in. Interacting with new people, cultures, and environments offers a perspective on life that would be impossible to gain otherwise. The adventure of traveling ascends to an entirely new level when placed in the capable hands of Patagonia Passion.

 Having an itinerary crafted by a team of professionals allowed me to enjoy my South America trip to its fullest. The sometimes-stressful aspects of planning logistics, food, and lodging were handled in a way that left no doubt I was paying for what I got. Each night was spent in a comfortable cabin or camping out in tents, except for the few times I opted to sleep outside to enjoy the clear view of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

 Meals were prepared by Chef Juan, a culinary expert from Buenos Aires. I love food and getting to try traditional Argentinian dishes made with fresh local ingredients was one of the many highlights from my time in Argentina. Fueling up on Juan’s cooking was not only tasty, but essential for the long days outside exploring the beauty of Patagonia. The two and a half weeks I spent with Patagonia Passion were nonstop fun. The amount of ground we covered and the team’s commitment to detail and professionalism continually amazed me.

The first days were spent kayaking massive lakes in Los Alerces National Park. From there we had a scenic drive through the mountains to Chile. My Christmas day was spent crushing class 5 rapids on the most beautiful river I have ever seen, waterfall covered mountains surround it and the water is so fresh and clear you can drink it straight from the river! Once back in Argentina, we rock climbed in the insane canyon at Piedra Parada, explored the city of Bariloche, then hiked through the Andes Mountains around El Bolson.

 We live in a beautiful world, it would be sad not to get out in it. The team at Patagonia Passion has figured out the best way to do so.